IMDB/Warner Bros. There are plenty of iconic moments from the Harry Potter series. But this scene from the first movie might be the one that fans quote the most. Hermione's correcting Ron on how to say "Wingardium Leviosa" properly shows both of their personalities early on and hints at how significant it is when the two become friends later in the movie.

The 12 Most Romantic Movie Scenes of All Time - Marie Claire The 12 Most Romantic Movie Scenes of All Time. modern love and is now one of the most iconic images ever filmed — at least for those of us with an appreciation for '80s cinema. "" The most iconic scenes from Quentin Tarantino movies 2020-7-24 · But that doesn't mean that it's without its fair share of memorable scenes. In this case, the most iconic moment comes right at the beginning as Jackie — played by the renowned Blaxploitation What are some of the most iconic scenes from Bollywood

Jordan Belfort's speech from ‘The wolf of Wall Street' “See those little black boxes? They are called telephones. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret about these telephones.

One of the most iconic film scenes in movie history debuted in 1972. In "The Godfather," a producer refuses to acquiesce to a mob request and wakes up to find the severed head of his prize horse 5 of the Most Iconic Bathroom Scenes in Movie History Through movie magic and some great plumbing skills, these bathrooms were transformed to create some of the funniest, scariest, and most romantic scenes in cinematic history. So, get ready to flush out the competition, because here are some of the most iconic bathroom scenes in your favorite films.

Re-watch some of the best movie moments in this list of the top movie scenes ever. 73% of African Americans said they did not have One of the most iconic dance numbers in film history,

Jun 19, 2016 · The 25 Best Movie Scenes of The 2000s. Posted on June 19, 2016 June 19, 2016 by Joshua Price. A great scene can do a lot for a movie. Even if the film itself is Aug 30, 2010 · It has gone down as one of the most iconic scenes and memorable lines in the history of the horror genre. Inspiration: The Phantom Carriage . Filmed in 1921, The Phantom Carriage ranks with Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari as one of the most important silent horror films in cinematic history. Aug 27, 2013 · Sure, we could have went with her scenes in 10, but the most iconic one finds her in a bathing suit. All in all, in terms of nudity, Bolero remains much more memorable. 26 Richard Gere in American May 19, 2019 · The greatest movie scenes of the 21st Century. Troy L. Smith, CLEVELAND, Ohio -- What makes a great movie scene? It’s one of the most iconic comedy scenes of all time and one Jun 26, 2020 · When I come out of a movie, I want to feel like I can conquer the world, that everything is possible, and that good will win out in the end. Inspirational Movie Speeches I have racked up twenty movies that are on my list to watch over and over again, at least for the inspirational speeches in them. YEAR : 1975 MOVIE : Deewar ACTORS: Shashi Kapoor & Amitabh Taking into the scene: Deewar is a story which is centred on two brothers who follow two very different paths in life.