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Jul 25, 2011 · We have a vpn connection with our State. They have informed us we need to upgrade our vpn client to be compatible. No problem, right? It seems that the version of Cisco VPN client we are trying to install may not be compatible with Windows Server 2003. This server is giving me issue. It had vpnclient-win-msi- installed.

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The only way I cna see to get this to work is to actually run the client when the user logs in. If you go under the Start - Programs - Startup menu there's actually already a VPN Client shortcut in here, this is used when using the Start Before Logon option so that it'll add the padlock to the system tray after you log in. Jun 16, 2010 · A VPN server running Windows Server 2003 supports the logging of authentication and accounting information for remote access VPN connections in local logging files when Windows authentication or