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Appendix C. Common Ports. The following tables list the most common communication ports used by services, daemons, and programs included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This listing can also be found in the /etc/services file. For the official list of Well Known, Registered, and Dynamic ports as designated by the Internet Assigned Numbers Mar 02, 2018 · When configuring your server settings, you may be asked to enter a specific port number for a particular application or service. Here’s a list of commonly requested port numbers you can use with your HostPapa server: HTTP – Port 80 HTTPS – 443 FTP – 21 FTPS / SSH – 22 POP3 – 110 POP3 … Common ports, such as TCP port 80 (HTTP), may be locked down — but other ports may get overlooked and be vulnerable to hackers. In your security tests, be sure to check these commonly hacked TCP and UDP ports: TCP port 21 — FTP (File Transfer Protocol) TCP port 22 — SSH (Secure Shell) TCP […] This includes the registration of commonly used port numbers for well-known Internet services. The port numbers are divided into three ranges: the well-known ports, the registered ports, and the dynamic or private ports. The well-known ports (also known as system ports) are those from 0 through 1023. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide that will show you how to get an overview of your ports and see which applications are using which ports. Related: How to Set Up Port Forwarding in Windows 10. Command Prompt Method. Probably the simplest way to see which port is used by which process is to use the trusty command prompt.

Jul 20, 2015 · This is a list of commonly used ports, and does not include all possible ports that may be opened on a server. cPanel; cPanel: 2082: cPanel - SSL: 2083: WHM: 2086

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Overview of common TCP and UDP default ports. TCP is the abbreviation of "Transfer Control Protocol" whereas UDP is the abbreviation of "User Datagram Protocol". TCP and UDP are both the main protocols which are used during the Transport layer of a TCP/IP Model. Both of these protocols are involved in the process of transmission of data.