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YelloPain - My Vote Dont Count 🤷 - YouTube Jan 14, 2020 Can I sell my vote? - Fluther Looking at my ballot right now.. “WARNING: Any person who, by use of force or other means, unduly influences an elector to vote in any particular manner or to refrain from voting is subject to a fine.” And that is from the ballot they mailed to Oregon residents. I would think selling your vote … We’ll Buy Your Car - Sell My Car | AutoNation

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Assuming you're in the US: it is a crime to sell your vote in an election for a public office, or to buy votes. For other elections (HOA board members, student council members, and so on), check with the host organization's voting rules.

Jan 14, 2020

I Promise Not to Sell My Vote - B-HUB Vote-buying and vote-selling generate immediate benefits for the individuals engaging in them, but obstruct the democratic process and erode trust between constituents and political institutions. A common approach to curb this practice is to try to convince voters not to sell their votes. Which Voter Registration Sites Can Sell Your Information Oct 11, 2016