Oct 19, 2013

Solved: Site to Site VPN blocking Active Directory Replica We have 3 site Active Directory setup with 3 sites (HQ, BRANCH, COLO). The HQ and BRANCH sites use SonicWall firewwalls running 2.9.1 firmware. The COLO site uses a Juniper 350M running 6.3.0r18.0 firmware. All the sites are cross connected using site to site VPN connections such that all LAN addresses at each site are accessible by all other sites. Changing Password through Sonicwall SSL VPN client Feb 20, 2018 Configuring the Dell SonicWALL Appliance for LDAP

Object - In LDAP terminology, the entries in a directory are referred to as objects. For the purposes of the SonicOS implementation of the LDAP client, the critical objects are ‘User’ and ‘Group’ objects. Different implementations of LDAP can refer to these object classes in different fashions, for example, Active Directory refers to the user object as ‘user’ and the group object

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