when you pay for internet you are paying to use thier (the ISP's) infrastructure to send data to the outside world. Kind of like how, sure you have a faucet, but that doesnt mean you have water. you need to pay for the water from the utility company.

Can the Internet Ever Be Free of Charge? - Make Tech Easier Apr 20, 2015 5 steps to get the internet to all Americans Demand high-speed service. The FCC determined in 2015 that “broadband” was internet service that … Access to Internet is a public benefit. It should be

How to Pay Online With Debit or Credit Cards (Safely)

For the Internet connection, you have to pay your Internet Service Provider more, for a faster connection. For the local network, you need to install better cables, and faster network cards. FAQS - Telephone | Federal Communications Commission Local and long distance wireline telephone service to consumers is a major concern to our Commission. We ensure that everyone has rapid, efficient, nationwide and worldwide access to these services at reasonable rates. Consumers are protected by rules and policies relating to slamming and cramming, and we ensure Truth-in-Billing and Truth-in-Advertising.

Forget Net Neutrality: Why Are Americans Getting Screwed

Remote.co, a company that helps other companies set up remote work policies, breaks down what companies will and will not pay for:. Computers and phones: Very likely. Printers, scanners, multiple monitors and copiers: Not likely, though if you are a designer or programmer you have a better chance of securing at least a second screen. Desks, chairs or filing cabinets: Unlikely, unless you need Access Fees ???? | AT&T Community Forums