Top 10 Xposed Modules for Android Nougat, Android Oreo

How to Use the Xposed Framework (with Pictures) - wikiHow Jun 01, 2019 Best Xposed Modules For Rooted Android Devices Seems like this module has been considered to be one of the best modules available for Android Marshmallow. The module can remove the channel name/logo and information cards. What Is “Systemless Root” on Android, and Why Is It Better? Jul 11, 2017 Xposed Installer 3.1.5 for Android - Download

إكسبوزد هو الهيكل أو الإطار أو القاعدة الأساسية التي يُمكنك من خلالها تثبيت بعض الإضافات التي تُسمى Xposed modules والتي يُمكنها تغيير أي شئ تريده بنظام الهاتف بدون أي خطوات معقدة. وبالتالي، يُمكنك تعديل بعض الوظائف الفردية

Oct 06, 2018

So I just went back to Marshmallow from Nougat on my OnePlus 3 so I can use Xposed. I can see text on the home page of messenger but when I select a conversation, it just shows a blank page with the header and footer area to enter text in. Anyone else have this problem? I was thinking its due to root / xposed / xprivacy messenger module.

Nope, not yet. Not until Xposed for 7.0+ is released at the very least. The closest you can get in the meantime is using a LineageOS ROM or ROMs based on LineageOS to control app permissions not available via the runtime permissions feature in Android 6.0+ (Start at boot, vibrate, toggle wifi, etc) Los mejores módulos Xposed para Android Nougat - Root Moviles